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Other Meetings

The Lions were involved in several other meetings both at Love Street and other venues.
Some were team events and others were individual events.
Here are the details of these meetings.


Festival of Paisley Trophy
14/05/1975, Love Street
Lions participating:-
Tom Davie, Chris Roynon, Sid Sheldrick,
Alan Bridgett, Mike Fullerton
Mick Sheldrick and Bernie Foot listed as reserves.
Won by Brian Collins of Coatbridge Tigers.

National League Pairs
17/05/1975, Belle Vue (Manchester)
Lions participating:-
S.Sheldrick (4pts)
Roynon (0pts)

Junior Championship of Great Britain
28/06/1975, Canterbury
Lions participating:-
Tom Davie
Davie finished 12th from 18 with 2 points from his five rides..  

Scotland v Australasia
19/07/1975, Love Street
Scotland win 58-50

Geoff Curtis Memorial Trophy
28/07/1975, Crewe
Lions participating:-
Alan Bridgett, Sid Sheldrick

Championship of Strathclyde
Love Street
Lions participating:-
Bernie Foot, Chris Roynon, Sid Sheldrick,
Stuart Mountford, Mike Fullerton, Geoff Snider,
Mick Sheldrick,
Colin and Fred Caffrey were listed as reserves.
Won by Lions Mick Sheldrick (14pts) 

3 Team Tournament
11/10/1975, Berwick
Lions participating:-
Fullerton(5), M.Sheldrick(5)
Roynon(4), Foot(3), Trownson(3)
Lions finished third


4 Team Tournament
03/06/1976, Middlesborough
Lions participating:-
Fishwick(7), Mountford(4), Chambers(3)
Farquarson(3), Roynon(3)
Lions finished third.

National League Pairs
05/06/1976, Belle Vue (Manchester)
Lions participating:-
Farquarson(9), S.Sheldrick(0)

4 Team Tournament
07/06/1976, Newcastle
Lions participating:-
Farquarson(3), Bridgett(2)
S.Sheldrick(2), Mountford(1), Chambers(0)
Lions finished fourth.

4 Team Tournament
11/06/1976, Coatbridge
Lions participating:-
Mountford(8), Fishwick(5)
Farquarson(4), S.Sheldrick(3)
Lions finished third.

4 Team Tournament
12/06/1976, Love Street
Featuring Paisley, Coatbridge,
Newcastle and Tees-side
Lions participating:-
Mountford (9), S.Sheldrick (6),
Farquarson (8), Bridgett (5)
Lions finished 2nd behind Newcastle. 
Mountford won rider of the night trophy.  

Championship of Strathclyde
07/08/1976, Love Street
Lions participating:-
Mountford(9), Farquarson(8),
S.Sheldrick(6), Bridgett(5)
Won by Tom Owen of Newcastle(15pts)

Northern Riders Championship
15/08/1976, Middlesbrough
Lions participating:-
Farquarson (10pts = 4th place)
Mountford (6pts = 9th place)

Noah's Ark Pairs
26/08/1976, Middlesbrough
Lions participating:-
Fullerton(10pts), Chambers(4pts)
Lions finished 6th of seven teams with 14 points.

Scottish Youth Championship
18/09/1976, Love Street
Won by Colin Caffrey(15pts)

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