Hall of Fame

First Saints X1
Billy Abercromby
Gerry Baker
Alex Beckett
Jimmy Bone
Jock Bradford
Tommy Bryceland
Jim Clunie
Tony Connell
Jackie Copland
Jame 'Daddy' Dunlop
Tony Fitzpatrick
Willie Fulton
Ricky Gillies
Jim Goodwin
David Lapsley
Barry Lavety
Danny Lennon
Davie McCrae
Kenny McDowall
Andy Mcfadden
Frank McGarvey
Kevin McGowne
Barry McLaughlin
Norrie McWhirter
Alistair Miller
Campbell Money
Cameron Murray
Hugh Murray
John Potter
Robert Rankin
Lex Richardson
Jim Rodger
Ludovic Roy
Craig Samson
Alex Smith
Doug Somner
Billy Stark
Willie Telfer
Steven Thompson
Tommy Turner
David van Zanten
John 'Cockles' Wilson
Alex Wright
Mark Yardley
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The St Mirren Hall of Fame was inaugurated in 2004 with the first four inductees being added at the club dinner in November 2004.

Players are eligible if they have played over 200 matches for the club or have played a significant part in a major period in the club's history 

Inducted November 2004

Tony Fitzpatrick   Hugh Murray   Ricky Gillies   Campbell Money


Inducted May 2005

David Lapsley   Alistair Miller   Frank McGarvey   Mark Yardley


Inducted November 2005

Willie Fulton   Kenny McDowall   Tommy Turner   Alex Wright


Inducted May 2006

James 'Daddy' Dunlop   Jim Rodger   Billy Stark   Barry McLaughlin


Inducted November 2006

Billy Abercromby   Doug Somner


Inducted May 2007

Gerry Baker   Tommy Bryceland   Kevin McGowne   First St Mirren Team


Inducted November 2007

Tony Connell   John 'Cockles' Wilson


Inducted May 2008

Davie McCrae   Andy McFadden   Lex Richardson   Alex Beckett


Inducted May 2009

Norrie McWhirter   Jim Clunie


Inducted February 2011

John (Jock) Bradford   Ludovic Roy


Inducted May 2013

Barry Lavety   Robert Rankin   David van Zanten


Inducted November 2016

Jackie Copland


Inducted October 2017

Jimmy Bone   Jim Goodwin   Danny Lennon   Alex Smith


Inducted May 2018

 Steven Thompson

Inducted May 2019

Willie Telfer   Cameron Murray   John Potter   Craig Samson